Hi, my name is

Waqar Ahmed…

I’m a professional copywriter, web content specialist, website/SEO consultant, journalist, and news editor.

I know you’re busy, so here are some quick facts about me:

  • Co-Owner and Chief Executive Director of Human Education Foundation, an NGO working for education.Content Writer Waqar Ahmed
  • Full-time freelance at Upwork as web copywriter/consultant since 2009.
  • Communications specialist with almost 10 years of international and local work experience.
  • Experience in writing for print media, advertising, marketing communications and public relations.
  • Certified Search Engine Optimizer and former SEO Tutor at Green Institute of Technology.
  • MA in Sociology and International Relations.
  • Worked and lived in 4 different countries.
  • Certified inbound marketer through Hubspot Academy
  • Learned copy-writing from Len Smith at Udemy
  • Learned SEO expertise from Arun Nagarathanam
  • Home is Karachi, Pakistan but I can be anywhere and work from there through my laptop.

Over the years I have produced fabulous content for my clients both in industrial and online organizations. Through the experience, I have learned what really works when it comes to persuade and convince people through the art of writing.

Some of the big companies include Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited, Blogging Titan, Quora, Travel.com, Inbound marketing companies.

Having exposure to many clients from the different part of the worlds, I can write almost in any writing style, i..e British English, US English or Indian English. Being a freelancer, I can never know enough. Therefore, I constantly remain in touch with influential people like Seth Godin, Ramit Sethi, and I continuously reader about new patterns and ideas that are changing our world almost on a daily basis.

My specialties:

I write professional copy for any type of business, especially small business websites. I focus on writing content that is rich- in- source, credible, and that educates the reader. As I am an SEO specialist too, therefore it’s natural for me to be concerned about my clients overall SEO ranking. Therefore I keep in mind about this special factor while writing copies/content for me clients.

Another thing that I offer to my clients is unlimited revisions. Though I try my best to save my client from reviewing my work by doing the best I can. Still, if my client wants me to revise some part of my written content, I gladly do so.

I remain in constant touch with my clients and keep them informed about the project. Respect the budget and once the deal is done, I always try to complete the project within the budget.

Want to hire me? Here’s how you can. How I work?