How I Work

My 10-step content writing process

People hire me for writing clear, interesting, persuasive and search engine optimized content for their websites.

But how do they hire me? There is a process and to help you get me on board, I have mentioned it in quite detail here.

Here’s why you need to do to hire me and what can you expect from me once you hire me.

10 Steps to write / rewrite & optimize your web content

1.  Send me an email & tell me what you need

  • Include as much information as possible. For content writing projects, you can start by answering these questions:
  • About what your website is all bout. Send me a link so that I can view it myself. If it’s new website, tell me your idea.
  • How many pages would you like me to write? Please provide page names and topics.
  • How long the each page’s length will be 500, 1000,2000,3000, or 5000 words.
  • Will I have to just edit it (re-writing) or will have to write from scratch?
  • For new content: Will you provide keywords or you would like me to do research?
  • Please mention your target market and where do they come from?
  • Are you also expecting me to do Seach Engine Optimization for you?
  • How much time can you give me to deliver you finished work?

2.  I email you a Proposal & Quote 

Once you will give important information regarding your project, I will then reply you with my proposal and quote. Just in case, If I am unable to grasp your idea or what you want from me, I will ask for some more clarification so that there may be no misunderstanding between you and me.

3.  You accept the Quote.

If my proposal and quote fits your budget, you will reply with affirmation and will ask me to start the project. And be assured I won’t give you a trouble of revising rates once we both agree on a certain amount.

4.  I email you an invoice for the deposit.

One you have accepted my offer, I will send you an email requesting you to deposit 40% as an upfront amount. This amount will help me trust you and I will know that you are really serious about it. Please don’t mind. It’s not about you but I have to be careful that my work doesn’t go in vain.

5.  You pay the deposit.

After receiving my email regarding proposal and quote, you will send me 40% of amount through Payoneer. Or you can hire me on upwork as your Professional Content Writer.

6. Relevant further information could include:

  • Link to your current website, access to your draft new website on a test server or a screenshot/mock-up of your web design.
  • Overview of all pages you need written with dot points of what each page needs to cover.
  • Your USP (unique selling proposition), i.e. your ‘competitive edge’, what sets your offerings apart from others.
  • The most important or most popular services/products that you want me to highlight (mostly for the homepage).
  • Digital copies of relevant marketing materials, company brochures or publications that may be useful.
  • List of SEO keywords and phrases you want to target (combinations of words you’d like your website to be found for if typed into Google).
  • Links to the websites of your direct competitors, if you know who they are.

7.  I start writing your web content.

I will consider how best to present your business. I’ll write clear, professional and persuasive web copy in chunks that are easy to digest, and use important SEO keywords throughout the content and in suggested META page Title and Description tags. Throughout the process, I will remain in touch with you and I will ask you questions if anything is not entirely clear. I will not write content based on assumptions but will clarify things with you to ensure I get it right the first time.

8.  I will email you the draft content.

Unless we have made other arrangements, I send clients the content in a Word document.

9.  You review the content, email me your feedback and I make revisions if needed.

All my clients so far have been very happy with the copy I have written for them, but sometimes I’m asked to change or tweak a few things here and there. Two rounds of revision are included in my services. I ask my clients to use the “track changes” feature and enter their feedback and suggested changes in the same Word document. That makes the reviewing and editing process quick and painless. I will revise the content based on your feedback and email it back to you for a final review. You need to provide your feedback within 7 days, or with large projects within 14 days, for me to make the changes, so that the subject matter is still reasonably fresh in my mind.

10.  Final step: I close the project and send you the final invoice.

I will close the project and send you the final invoice 7 days (for small projects) or 14 days (larger projects) after I’ve sent you the content, or earlier if no changes are needed or revisions are completed sooner. Payment of the outstanding amount is due 7 days after the date of this final invoice.