I just stumbled upon an email from Kickstarter in which I saw a project in which some creative artists are looking forward to spread the message of love, hope, harmony, and peace on the inauguration day of President Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.

The idea of the Amplifier Foundation is to make posters and banners under the campaign, “We the People” that they want to reach in every home, signboard, and at every place from where the most of the people can see and get inspiration from the art and their sacred message.


But the problem for the Amplifier Foundation is that on the inauguration day, there will be a lot of restrictions and Washington would be locked-down and the chances are such audacious posters won’t be permitted to display at large scale.

So they have come up with a solution: They want to get their creative inspirational artwork published as an ad in Washington Post newspaper. For this, they need money and therefore they have announced this project at Kickstarter for raising funds. I am happy to report that they are getting the amazing response from the people all over the world. And I hope that they will achieve their target successfully.

For me, this project is very inspirational and I support their cause of spreading hope, love, peace, and spreading through their artwork. For America, this is now more important than ever to have all these things secured for the good for all.

I am hoping to see a lot of posters published in the newspapers and in the hands of amazing, sweet and loving people of America on the inauguration day and throughout the year.Let there be more love and hope.

Are you feeling inspired like me? Do you want to contribute as well? Here’s the link which will take you to the Kickstarter from where you can contribute the amount for the noble cause. Even $5 will do.

Pick Credit: Kickstarter